Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Radio show dude endorses candidate for her "tight little butt"  

Bill Cooksey, of WRKO-AM, wins Douchebag of the Week... or maybe even the year... for the disgusting language he used to "endorse" Republican state treasurer candidate Karyn E. Polito. These remarks were said by him on-air:

I think she’s hot. She’s tiny, she’s short. She’s got a banging little body on her. Facial wise, I give her about a seven. Body wise, I give her about an eight-and-a-half. Tight little butt. I endorse Karyn Polito.

For the record, Cooksey is a grown man, not an 18 year-old frat boy, contrary to what his language might demonstrate.

Be sure to cite this incident any time an ignorant person claims woman have complete access to political office. Because yes, we may be able to run for office, but what is the point if no one will take us seriously?

Objectification of women is a rampant problem. Yesterday, I was walking along W 71st Street, when three gentlemen behind me proceeded to talk loudly about my ass. Even a "fuck off" from me couldn't get them to shut up and stop leering at me in a way that made me want to take a shower. You know how it makes me feel when I get reduced to a piece of meat? It makes me feel like less of a person... like I'm not worth the same as them because I don't deserve to be known for my personality or my thoughts or my feelings. Even though I know they're wrong, an incident like what happened to me yesterday can break my spirit. Because sometimes, I worry that there will never be a day when a woman can walk down a sidewalk or run for office without some waste of life, piece of shit moron commenting on her ass.

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Radio show dude endorses candidate for her "tight little butt"

  • October 19, 2012 at 2:26 PM  

    I don't understand why women don't DEMAND people get fired for degrading sexist comments. If they made the same degrading comments about black people, say that they look big and strong for working in the fields or that they have good teeth and are submissive and fit for hard labor they would be disgraced. Women have to start comparing sexism to racism and show they have a right to demand the same civil rights as black people fought for and mostly won. Women need to stop complaining and start DEMANDING en mass the changes they want. That's what men would do if their rights were impinged on like ours are. Whining gets no respect - legal demands that hit the pocketbook get attention.

  • May 29, 2014 at 5:59 PM  

    Don't YOU WOMAN Have Anything BETTER To Do That Sit Around Doing NOTHING BUT Bitch About Everything That You Don't Like Or Isn't Of Benefit To You! Just Shut Up Already!! Why Is It That Only Short, Fat, Ugly, Old Femenists Like You Have A Problem With This? NOBODY ELSE DOES!! Seriously, Why Do You Gotta Make Something Out Of Nothing?