Monday, January 4, 2010

Say it with me now: rape is not something to joke about. EVER.  

The folks in charge of the casting of the newest Real World season, set in Washington, D.C., picked a real winner when they cast Andrew Woods. Since I'm a Real World junkie, I was excited to watch the recently aired pilot episode of D.C., only to discover that I'm repeatedly going to have to throw objects at my television every time he talks. I said, "Uh oh, I'm going to have problems with this guy" when he admitted that he got fired from a newspaper for "trying to offend women and lesbians and stuff like that." Don't be fooled: this Real World cartoonist is by no means similar to the lovable and adorable cartoonist cast in Real World: San Francisco, Judd Winick.

The Sexist published some of Andrew Woods' cartoons, and they're horrifying, to say the least. Woods is clearly a fan of rape jokes.

Text: Seducing women doesn't have to be some expensive ordeal, just funnel some cheap vodka into half a bottle of sparkling cider... as long as it looks like champagne, she'll drink it!

The above entry and the post I linked to on The Sexist aren't meant to be celebrity gossip. It's important to publish Woods' illustrations as a reminder that joking about rape makes you an insensitive asshole. Maybe (and by "maybe" I mean "undoubtedly") Andrew can't understand the reality of rape because his chances of actually being raped or sexually assaulted are significantly lower than they are for a woman, but his ignorance is no defense.

I suppose people like Andrew Woods are willing to sink to the lowest of the low for a cheap laugh, but the rest of us have something that these soulless morons lack: morale.

What next?

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4 comments: to “ Say it with me now: rape is not something to joke about. EVER.

  • January 4, 2010 at 10:10 PM  

    Man, and he's taking my drink secrets. Vodka or Soju or Sake and tea, fruit juice, soda water or tonic in varying measures and you've got a fun alcoholic drink.

    I also had a very good champange this year for new years, actual from French Champange, champange, even. It was a store-label bottling, but came out really good. Look for Kirkland this year at Costco.

    ...My spouse has banned me from watching shows that make me or her throw things at the TV. It's a very sensible rule, I think.

  • January 21, 2010 at 7:56 PM  

    The cartoon is wrong and insulting on many levels. And not just to women, but also to men. Woods implies that a man will do anything to get a girl to sleep with him, and that a girl, after "fooled" with some cheap alcohol, will lose all morals and obey whatever a man wants her to do.
    Men are being dubbed as horny, aggressive, and insensitive and women are being dubbed as dumb, gullible and weak.
    The only thing "funny" about this cartoon is the fact that it was ever published.

  • January 26, 2010 at 12:35 AM  

    The fact that this guy is on Real World bothers me a lot too. Although it is clearly evident to most people that his jokes are ridiculous and unamusing, there are those who will see his behavior as a sort of encouragement. By showing this sexism publicly it is less shocking after a while and ignorant people may think "If he can get away with saying that on national television, I can say it too."

  • February 22, 2010 at 12:08 PM  

    This is just horrible. Rape and assaulting woman is horrible in the first place. Now making a comic and joking about it just crosses the line. I've watched the Real World with him in it and I can't really say I'd expect this behavior from him. Well at least from what I've seen of him on the show, he doesn't seem like he'd be into this. It's amazing to see how much the media is fake. People believe what they hear on T.V. which in this case makes Andrew Woods look like a funny cartoonist. When he's really making cartoons of women being degraded. Not a fan of him.