Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Guy's 'abortion episode'  

Remember that episode of "Family Guy" that was banned from the airwaves because it talked about abortion? Now, you can watch clips of the entire "Family Guy" cast performing the episode live. The basic premise of the episode is that Lois decides to become a surrogate mother for an infertile friend of hers. When her friend dies in a car crash, Lois is left to decide what to do with her pregnancy, and Brian suggests getting an abortion. As usual, Brian is the voice of reason, especially when Peter starts spewing anti-choice BS:

: Peter, it's not a baby... it's a fertilized egg. It's the size of the tip of a pin.

Peter: It's alive, isn't it? To kill any living thing is an abortion. That's what the man I just met outside the clinic told me, and he had a t-shirt on to confirm it.

Brian: Okay, well sperm is alive and every time you masturbate, millions of them die. So is it wrong to kill sperm?

Peter: Yes, yes it is. From now on, no more masturbating in this house!

Because it's "Family Guy," you have to take everything said with a grain of salt. A lot of the material maintains the usual level of offensiveness, but similar to the gay marriage episode of "Family Guy," I think there's a positive message hidden in there somewhere. For example, a graphic scene in which Peter contemplates all the ways in which abortions can be performed is followed by Lois' doctor explaining that abortion is a simple low-risk procedure that should be kept safe and legal.

What does everyone think? (See more clips here)

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