Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celebrate Equal Pay Day  


Today is Equal Pay Day. Just some stats (from pay-equity.org) to remind everyone how far from pay equity we actually are:

2006 Median Annual Earnings
of Year-Round, Full-Time Workers

All Men      All Women
$42,261 100% $32,515 77%

Men      Women
White $44,152 White $33,768
Black $34,770 Black $30,352
Asian $51,438 Asian $39,313
Hispanic $29,061 Hispanic $25,198

But we are making progress. Feminists were thrilled to see the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act signed by Obama in January.

The National Committee on Pay Equity has a list of activities you can do today, including wearing red to show that women are kept "in the red." Also, take a few minutes to contact your representatives and let them know how important pay equity is to you. Changes in law won't solve wage gaps, but it helps.

What next?

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