Sunday, April 6, 2008

Buffet of the Week  


Here are your samplings of current events from around the world!

  • POPLINE - a popular online health database - recently, for some absurd reason, removed the word "abortion" as an acceptable search term. However, after much scrutiny, they restored our right to search for "abortion" on their database.

  • A recent study has shown the desperate need for comprehensive sex education in Florida. The survey showed that some teenagers believe in dangerous myths, such as drinking bleach will prevent HIV infection, or smoking marijuana will prevent pregnancy.

  • 25,000 people rallied in Pakistan over an anti-Muslim film that sets verses from the Koran against a background of images of terror attacks.

  • A ranch in Texas was recently raided and found to be owned by a polygamist, who had taken an obscene amount of children captive. On Saturday, more children were removed by police, bringing the total amount of children at the ranch to 137.
  • The disgusting sexism of Fox News continues in this video examining the "decreasing trend" of women bearing their cleavage.

  • A new law in Wisconsin allows victims of domestic abuse to terminate rental agreements without penalty.

  • Hillary Clinton was accused of telling a false story several times in her campaign about a pregnant woman being turned away from a hospital for lack of insurance, only to die shortly after. The angry and upset family of the departed woman has come out to explain that Clinton has not been telling the story properly.

  • A new study finds abuse and neglect in about 1 out of every 43 infants.

  • Images of sexy female dancers are being used to sell apartments.

  • Because of the extremely negative social stigma surrounding pre-marital sex in China, single mothers have a very difficult time maintaining a happy lifestyle for them and their children.

  • A new study shows that women do significantly more housework than men, although the hours per week of housework for women has decreased over the past couple decades.

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1 comments: to “ Buffet of the Week

  • April 7, 2008 at 11:38 AM  

    So when I went to view on of the video clips you linked to from Fox News, the advertisement played before the video was a Viagra commercial.


    Do I really need to elaborate?