Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Assumptions that all skin comes in white  

The ever-amazing Sociological Images posted recently about the undeniable fact that in the fashion world, "nude," "skin," and "natural" equals Caucasian, and I went hunting for some examples. I found three of them in all of five minutes.

This model is wearing a "natural"-colored bra (the name "natural" might be the one that bothers me the most).

Victoria's Secret made my case for me by putting a woman of color in a nude bra that clearly is so far from her skin color.

In this one, the color meant for black women is called "mocha," while the color meant for white women is simply "nude."

Lesson learned: white people are the default, and people of color are the other.

When will the fashion industry learn that there is no one color that can be associated with "skin"?

What next?

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