Monday, August 3, 2009

Kathy Griffin fights for LGBT rights  

I love Kathy Griffin. It's undeniably difficult for women comedians to make it in the male-dominated world of comedy, but Kathy is climbing her way to the top. As a 'fag hag' til death, she always begins her stand-up shows by saying, "Where my gays at?!" She has an enormous gay following, and the latest episode of her reality show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, gave the gays even more of a reason to love her. In the episode, Kathy got in touch with her activist side by lobbying for the rejection of Prop 8. In an interview she did with, Kathy said,

...I know a lot of gay people and I have heard many of their stories, and through them I have met so many more gay people and heard their stories, etc. But one thing that is really important to me and I am proud of is the Prop 8 episode that we are doing on "My Life on the D-List." You know, every year we do kind of a serious episode and it has really turned into a story about oppression and LGBT issues in general and the reason it was so important to me to invoke Matt's story and kinda his participation from heaven.

Kathy goes door-to-door to discuss same-sex marriage with Californians, and the interesting part is that most of them did not have a good response to her question of, "If gay people can get married, how does that affect you?" Most of the opponents responded with, "It doesn't." She got some people to flat-out say that they will reconsider their anti-gay marriage stance. Kathy also rounded up a group of young LGBT people, introduced them to Matthew Shepard's story, and took them to a gay rights rally. Here's a clip from the episode:

I really appreciate Kathy using her popularity and power to spread a pro-gay rights message. You gotta love her.

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