Monday, August 10, 2009

Buffet of the Week: back from Vegas edition  

I'M BACK! It's been an exciting week in Vegas, filled with winning money in Blackjack, followed by spending said money on $11 drinks. Definitely a successful vacation, but I'm glad to be back. My body couldn't handle another day in Vegas, and I was tired of being handed flyers for female escorts.

So, to catch up on everything I've been missing, and to help myself get back into the real world, here's a special back-from-Vegas edition of Buffet of the Week:

  • Judge Sotomayor has been confirmed in a 68-31 vote! Congratulations to Judge Sotomayor, and let's hope she's as wonderful of a judge as we anticipated.

  • A gay man has recently been released from prison after spending 21 years behind bars for sexual attacks on children that he did not commit.

  • A new report released shows that women's insurance is more adversely affected by the recession.

  • Quakers in the UK have decided to throw all their support behind same-sex marriage.

  • Supermodel Gisele, who has announced that she is pregnant, has appeared in an ad campaign sans baby bulge. Why? Advertisers photoshopped it out.

  • The Women and Work Commission has found that the wage gap in the UK has been increasing.

  • Washington, D.C. schools are planning to offer STD testing to students.

  • Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed asks, "Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?"

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