Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Obama racism from right-wingers  

I understand that right-wingers are threatened by Obama because his skin is darker than the other 43 presidents and he's also bringing new radical ideas to the White House like - GASP! - reforming our crappy ass health care system and - GASP! - giving rights to the gays, but that doesn't even come close to excusing shit like this, forwarded by a conservative activist:

Since Obama has come into the spotlight, too many Republicans have been showing their horrendously racist sides that have perhaps been lying dormant until a black man was given the most powerful position in the States. Now that black people can do more than shoot hoops and tell jokes on stage, conservatives are not happy, and they are showing it by sinking to the lowest of the low. Dan Amira of New York Magazine points this out also:

As they continue to navigate this moral gray area, most Republican Party members are erring on the side of ... erring — making or endorsing racially tinged or outright offensive jokes via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and old-fashioned paper, then awkwardly apologizing once they've made an ass of themselves.

Once again, let's be thankful for blogs being able to call out this crap. Contact the Republican National Committee ( and urge them to publicly denounce and discourage this behavior. Also contact organizations like the ACLU and Democracy Now, which can help publicize this ongoing racism, and take action to stop it.

What next?

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