Monday, June 29, 2009

Good stuffs from the blogosphere  

I've been reading so many great posts in my favorite feminist blogs recently. I wanted to share them with you all so you could get your tuchuses over to these links and enjoy them like I did.

  • Renee of Womanist Musings wrote an eye-opening piece about the discrimination she faces as a woman with diabilities.

  • File this under: better late than never. Venice has just gotten its first female gondolier, writes Courtney of Feministing. (Special thanks to Tiffany for the story suggestion).

  • Michael at The New Gay discusses "going green" and criticizes the gay community for doing anything but.

  • Has anyone watched "16 and Pregnant" on MTV? Chen at Choice Words commends MTV's noble attempts to provide sex education, but criticizes the lack of shows and discussions that highlight a young pregnant woman who chooses abortion or adoption.

  • Bryan of Gay Rights Watch rightfully calls out Senator John Ensign for opposing same-sex marriage with the "marriage is sacred" bullshit... and then proceeding to cheat on his wife.

  • As much as I admittedly love the Transformers movie, Laura at Adventures of a Young Feminist points out what irrevocably annoys me about this movie: the fact that Megan Fox's character exists solely as a sex symbol.

  • Gwen at Sociological Images wrote an important post on sexism in women's sports by calling out the fact that only "attractive" tennis players are put on the Center Court.

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