Monday, April 6, 2009

Parents in an uproar over sex education website for kids  


There is a great website,, that aims to teach children ages 10-12 about puberty, menstruation, good touch vs. bad touch, how babies are made, contraception, abortion, masturbation, body parts, and self-esteem. With all the bullshit information floating around out there, it's wonderful that a fun and comprehensive website exists to teach children the real facts. To give you an idea, here's the text from the section of the website on pornography:

It is normal for you to be interested in this stuff at this age. (It is also normal not to be interested yet). But, pictures of naked people on the Internet is not a good way for you to find out about sex when you are this age. Usually these photos show sex and women in a pretty yucky way that makes women seem like they enjoy being treated badly, and it doesn't show sex as a loving kind of thing, just a thing that is about body parts. It is against the law for an adult to show you pornography. If this is happening you should tell and adult you trust, as its very creepy for someone to show a kid this stuff.

Of course, ignorant parents who would rather pretend that their children are asexual beings than protect them are all shook up. Some think it is "too detailed" and "distasteful." Was any of the above text distasteful? Did they go into detail on how women are shown in a "yucky way"? NOT AT ALL. And the other sections on the website are no different; they are all completely appropriate. People are also pissed off because the website says that women can feel relieved after having an abortion. Um, women feeling relieved after having an abortion is a proven fact. On abortion, the website says:

Sometimes people find they are pregnant and do not want to have a baby. They might decide to go to a doctor and have an operation to end the pregnancy. This is called a termination, or an abortion.

Having a termination is a hard decision to make, and can be very sad.

It can also be a relief. If a woman has a termination she can still have a baby at another time.

In some countries it is a woman's right to decide to have a termination. It is against the law in some countries to have a termination.

They say it can be a relief or it can make someone sad! What the hell is the problem? Parents, please stop trying to mess with a good thing. Age-appropriate comprehensive sex education is just too rare.

What next?

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1 comments: to “ Parents in an uproar over sex education website for kids

  • April 7, 2009 at 2:49 PM  

    Wow... I think the language they use is absolutely fine. It's simple, it's not too detailed or even too formal... and it's nonjudgmental (e.g., when it comes to abortion). It's not trying to persuade kids to think one way or another, it's just stating what's out there. Also, why are parents in an uproar over this being online when they KNOW that kids can easily access porn that degrades women in "yucky" ways?