Monday, April 20, 2009

Buffet of the Week  

I really wish I could write a more adequate post, but the eyes are heavy after working some more on my monster research paper on the pro-life movement. But here are a few short stories to tide you folks over.

  • Leaders in Sierra Leone recently signed an agreement stating that girls under the age of 18 will not be forced to undergo female genital mutilation. Upon hitting puberty, most girls in Sierra Leone are "initiated" into a secret women's society through the use of FGM.

  • This is an interesting one: Sarah Palin's choice for attorney general once wrote an opinion piece defending a KKK statue on a college campus.

  • The New York Times is calling for the impeachment of the moron who wrote the memo on torture. You know... the one that compared food deprivation to Weight Watchers.

  • The last place you would ever expect to find feminism: South Park...?

  • A key feminist activist, Elizabeth Chittick, passed away last week at age 100.

  • A new poll shows that New Yorkers are open to the idea of same-sex marriage being legalized in their state.

  • Follow me on Twitter! (Okay, this has nothing to do with anything else, but I thought it was good opportunity).

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