Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spanish man gives birth to twins  

25 year-old Ruben Noe Coronado will become the first Spanish man to give birth to twins. He plans to raise the babies with his partner, Esperanza Ruiz, 43. Like Thomas Beatie, Ruben is a transgender man who retained his female reproductive organs, though he plans to undergo a full gender reassignment surgery after the birth of the twins.

More power to Ruben and his partner. Though there are undoubtedly many haters out there, perhaps people like Ruben and Thomas Beatie can help slowly push society in the direction of redefining gender. Unfortunately, some people could use another push, such as whoever was responsible for the inexcusable headline of an article about Ruben on the Daily Mail Online:

Look at the title bar on top. Let's get something straight: Ruben Noe Coronado is a man. Not a "man," a MAN. So fuck you, Daily Mail.

What next?

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