Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad economy causing women to get naked  

With the economy worsening, many women are turning to desperate measures to make ends meet: taking their clothes off. An article on MSNBC explains that, "The tough job market is prompting a growing number of women across the country to dance in strip clubs, appear in adult movies or pose for magazines like Hustler."

While I believe that a woman should have the choice of whether or not to pursue a career that involves getting naked, it really angers me when people try to argue that strippers and porn stars are only in their professions because they chose it and they enjoy it. Some might, yes, but there are many more who turn to it out of desperation. It's upsetting that these women feel as if their only option is to take off their clothes and be ogled. I was mildly surprised by the quote from an adult film giant, who wants to warn women against rushing into something they might regret:

"Once you decide to be an adult actress, it impacts your relationship with everyone," said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of adult film giant Vivid Entertainment Group. "Once you make an adult film, it never goes away."

But the stripping industry? Not so much.

"You're seeing a lot more beautiful women who are eligible to do so many other things," said Gus Poulos, general manager of New York City’s Sin City gentleman's club.

Why thank you, Gus, I'm so happy you have faith in "beautiful women." The article also stated, "Some performers said they were initially so nervous that only alcohol could calm their nerves."

That's wonderful. Nervous, desperate women are being fed alcohol to "loosen up" enough to take their clothes off for men. I don't deny that stripping can be empowering for some women, I just cannot stand when people try to deny the "other side" of stripping. A few months ago, I went to my first strip club with some friends out of curiosity. One of my friends, by request of the owner and some customers, was asked to dance. She did, but only took off her top. The owner came over, while she was dancing, and removed her pants for her. Later, when he offered her a job, he was sure to give her a large cup of alcohol to "loosen her up" before she signed her soul over to him. She declined.

If I had things my way, strip clubs wouldn't exist. If I had things partly my way, only strong, independent women who want to feel "empowered" would be stripping, and would know when to tell a man to back the fuck off. But I don't have things my way at all, and so desperate impoverished women are entering strip clubs, and never coming back out.

What next?

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3 comments: to “ Bad economy causing women to get naked

  • March 25, 2009 at 8:23 PM  

    I'm glad you did mention that for some women it is empowering. A lot of the strip clubs on Guam are run by women who may have once been dancers themselves. When I walk in to a strip club here I'm not overcome by testosterone. Really it's a surge of estrogen.

  • July 27, 2009 at 7:52 AM  

    I work in a strip club as a bartender. Over my years here I have seen many woman come and go. Very, very few were ever here because of the economy. The majority of them are simply stupid or lazy or both. Don't get me wrong, a lot of them are very nice people but they couldn't hold a real job if their life depended on it. At the same time I've seen some very beautiful and/or very intelligent woman work here simply because they can.

    I am annoyed by the statement "If I had things my way, strip clubs wouldn't exist." You are simply looking at this from a woman's point of view. I have also seen many, many men come into the club that couldn't get honest love if they truly tried. Many are mentally handicapped, insanely obese, or simply lack even the tiniest amount of social skills.

    Here's something the article probably doesn't mention. with the failing economy, patrons of strip clubs are becoming more and more tight with their cash. Even the most beautiful, able woman are having a tough time making money entertaining. Yes, it's true, the bad economy even effects the adult industry.

  • June 23, 2010 at 1:50 AM  

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