Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Terrorist recruiter used rape as a recruiting tool  

This is horribly disturbing, so don't read on if you're sensitive about these issues.

Lately, every major news website has been littered with stories about the woman who recruited dozens of female suicide bombers - of course, it's necessary to mention they're female, whereas if they were male, the headline would simply say "suicide bombers." She is now under the custody of Iraqi police, and has been revealing her plot to recruit so many women.

Get this. According to her, she would target certain women, get a man to rape them, and then have them sent to her for "comfort" and "advice." Of course, they would be in a very vulnerable state, and therefore more susceptible to brainwashing and more easily persuaded to kill themselves. She told the women who came to her that becoming a suicide bomber was the only way to escape shame and reclaim their honor. It's horrifying. Using rape as a way to break women's souls, coaxing them into a place of "comfort," and convincing them to strap bombs to themselves.

Becoming a suicide bomber is not an excusable act, but the recruiters are the ones to go after. The suicide bombers don't necessarily believe in the "cause" they're told they're fighting for - many of them simply are brainwashed, or in some cases, don't know any better (as seen when it was revealed that people with disorders like Down's Syndrome were being "recruited").


What next?

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