Friday, February 20, 2009

Mississippi to test sex education programs  

Wow, you know that abstinence-only education is really bad when even Mississippi is considering changing it. This seems like an ongoing trend with states that have so blindly clung to abstinence-only education for several years: people start to realize that teen pregnancy and STD rates are soaring, and realize, "HEY, maybe we should teach them how to put a condom on!"

A report from the Center for Disease Control shows that Mississippi has one of the sharpest increases in teen pregnancy rates and rising rates of STDs. As a result, comprehensive sex education programs are being tested in two districts. Unfortunately, it requires parental consent to participate, so undoubtedly many students will be missing out. But at least law-makers are slowly starting to admit that saying "just wait until marriage and everything will be fine" isn't all that effective.

What next?

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