Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fox News calls out PETA's latest display of sexism  

Fox News covered PETA's horrendously sexist and objectifying Valentine's Day stunt, in which they had lingerie-clad models make out on a blow-up mattress in Texas. Half-naked women making out... and vegetarianism. Ah, I see the connection now. According to PETA, they're attempting to promote that vegetarians have healthier sex lives... by feeding into our culture's obsession with objectifying women and downplaying the seriousness of lesbian relationships by indulging the girl-on-girl fantasies that many Americans hold. Good job, PETA.

Fox News isn't too keen on their display as well, but seemingly for the wrong reasons. I'm very irritated by the news anchor's insistance that "no one wants to see this" because it's "offensive" and parents "don't want their children to see it." My guess is that if it were a woman and a man making out, she wouldn't be acting as if PETA re-created a porno on the sidewalks of El Paso. It's because of our culture objectifying women, especially lesbian women, that so many people hold this notion that two women making out is inappropriate and too sexual for children to see.

What next?

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