Monday, January 5, 2009

Cell phone soap operas promote safe sex  

A new campaign is utilizing technology to spread the message of safe sex by developing short soap opera-esque videos to send to cell phones. The videos feature sexually active couples who learn about the perils of unprotected sex. The episodes mainly target young Black and Latina women, and aim to normalize condom use.

The pilot video has been put online, and a large study is being conducted to test the response of young women to the video. It is equally the responsibility of the male partner to obtain and use a condom, but I understand their attempts to target women because I think too many sexually active females rely solely on men to provide the condom, and that just isn't a safe bet.

Additionally, the campaign focuses on only heterosexual couples, which I don't particularly like. Safe sex is as important with gay and lesbian couples as it is with male-female couples. It would be cool to encourage talking about safe sex amongst same-sex couples in the Black and Latina communities, since those cultures tend to be prominent in homophobia.

Watch the pilot and decide for yourself. I watched most of it, and was indifferent. It tends to focus more on the "drama" between the couples than how and why to practice safe sex. It also implies that you have to cheat on a significant other to put yourself at risk, when the reality is that someone can experience a pregnancy or contract an STI even when in a fully monogamous relationship.


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