Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pharmacists with a "conscience" refuse to distribute Plan B  

Well, Rod Blagojevich may have royally fucked up, but there is one thing he did that he wins some points for: ruling in 2005 that pharmacists in Illinois should be required to distribute Plan B.

Unfortunately, two anti-choice pharmacists are now challenging that rule in an Illinois Circuit Court. One of the pharmacists commented, "I cannot follow my religion's teachings and continue to be involved" in distributing EC. The court is still reviewing the case in an attempt to find a balance between the right to free exercise of religion, and the right to access of reproductive health care.

I vote we keep religion out of the medical profession. Health care is an extremely important field - our health is precious and delicate, and we cannot compromise it because of someone else's religious beliefs. If we do, we're headed down a slippery slope. Scientologists, for example, don't believe in psychiatry. Should a pharmacist who practices Scientology be allowed to refuse to distribute anti-depressants? Should someone who disapproves of pre-marital sex be allowed to refuse to sell condoms or Viagra to an unmarried person?

We could eventually have a world filled with pro-life pharmacies, pro-abstience pharmacies, anti-psychiatry pharmacies, and whatever else might fall under this ridiculous "protect religion at the expense of our health" rule.

What next?

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