Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day Without a Gay  

Tomorrow, be sure to CALL IN GAY! Day Without a Gay is a national movement to show everyone how important GLBTQ people are to society. This day-long protest was sparked by the passing of Prop 8 - since, you know, it's just a tad ridiculous that tax-paying citizens who contribute to society and help the economy are given second-class rights.

Even if you don't identify as GLBTQ, you can still participate! I'm sure allies are more than welcome to join. Don't go to work, don't buy any products, and instead, the organizers of the protest are urging everyone to perform volunteer work. Of course, students are not traitors if they go to class or take final exams. Involve your friends and family so Day Without a Gay really makes an impact. Yahoo! News already covered the protest, so it's already getting great attention.

There are plenty of places to volunteer near you. I'm spending a few hours at a soup kitchen, and they were thrilled when I called and asked to help. Check out VolunteerMatch.org for some nearby listings.

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