Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cult leader touched girls because God "wanted" it  

Wow, when I send out the newsletter this Friday, I might have to elongate the Hall of Shame solely to include this guy. Not only is he a cult leader, but he was recently convicted of inappropriately touching two young girls, ages 14 and 16, and laying naked with them. You gotta love his defense: "God told me to do it." According to him, the touching was religious, not sexual. The really sad part is that the 14 year-old wholeheartedly believes that he touched her to fulfill God's will as well.

I really wish people would stop using God as justification for crimes. "God told me to do it" is no excuse for child molestation, hurting yourself, or killing innocent people. I'm pretty sure that if there is a God, she/he/it would surely not will anyone to commit any of these acts.

What next?

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