Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bush leaves us with an anti-choice parting gift  

This is really bad. President Bush's new anti-choice rule has been made official. Now, anti-choice medical staff can withhold crucial information about abortion, birth control, and/or sex education from their patients without any penalty. Under this rule, facilities that receive family planning funding, like Planned Parenthood, cannot refuse to hire someone who holds anti-choice views.

A doctor who is morally opposed to premarital sex can refuse to prescribe birth control to a young patient.

A terrified pregnant teenager who finally musters up enough courage to see a doctor can be told that her only option is to carry the baby to term.

A doctor or nurse who believes contraceptives are immoral can refuse to counsel patients who are curious about their options.

Roe v. Wade is being seriously undermined. Bush, guided by his anti-choice views, is paying medical employees to trick women into following a path that isn't right for them. He's harming thousands of women solely to fulfill his own selfish desires. Take a minute to sign Planned Parenthood's online petition against this. Something needs to be done.

The only comfort we can take is that our next president is wholeheartedly pro-choice, and will hopefully rescind this awful regulation.

What next?

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