Saturday, November 22, 2008

And the Sexist Award goes to...  

Did you know that Australia actually holds annual awards for outrageous sexism? I mean, not that they're trying to necessarily award sexist morons - the awards exist more to identify and humiliate the offenders.

This year, the top golden award went to Mount Isa Mayor John Malony who so tastefully offered words of wisdom to suggest that unattractive women should be confined to a remote town to give Australian men a better pick of the litter. His exact words were:

"With five blokes to every girl, may I suggest that beauty-disadvantaged women should proceed to Mount Isa."

Cute. He also continued to shove his foot further into his mouth by claiming that "the protesters are blaming me for their looks."

Among the other award-winners was Channel Nine news for firing a female reporter when she was on maternity leave. Oh, and news chief John Westacott decided to throw in this little pearl of wisdom: "Sheilas do health and consumer stories. You want your blokes, your main guns, doing the real news stories."

More details at MSNBC.

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