Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take Action Tuesday: necessary health care  

Let's be honest. We all know that the health care in the United States sucks. So for Take Action Tuesday, please take a couple minutes out of your busy and exciting day to support the Health Equity and Accountability Act to ensure that everyone has health care, regardless of race, class, or background. NOW sent me an e-mail, saying:

The health and well being of people living in our nation, including low income families, racial minorities, legal immigrant children, and the rural poor in our country cannot and must not be ignored! We MUST act now to help correct the inequities in health care that millions of people face every day. Many minorities have higher rates of infant mortality, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV infection/AIDS, cancer, and lower rates of immunizations and cancer screening. Legal immigrant children are being denied health care and millions of families in poor and rural communities have little or no health care at all. Our health care system needs fixing so that it can address these inequities and these needs.

We have a pretty dire situation. Click here to learn more and contact your representatives.

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