Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let's see how many lies one group can tell...  


Has anyone heard of Clintons 4 McCain? They're basically a group of people who once supported Hillary Clinton, but now support John McCain... because they hate Obama that much. Based on this premise alone, I wouldn't have an enormous problem with a group like this, because I understand that certain moderates switched from Clinton to McCain. But the "information" on their website paints these people to be one of the most ignorant, deceptive, and appalling political organizations I've seen.

First of all, I hate that all anti-Obama websites must refer to him as "Barack Hussein Obama"... like his middle name is a reason to hate him. Because CLEARLY since it is the same name as Saddam Hussein's, Barack Obama is going to turn out to be a Socialist whose plan is to murder hundreds of Americans. Brilliant deduction.

Also, a large part of the website dedicates itself to "proving" that Obama is a Muslim. Let's put aside the fact that the "evidence" presented by anti-Obama advocates is often very flimsy, and focus on the aspect of: who cares if he went to a Muslim school? Are all Muslims terrorists? For the love of God, I thought we had more sense than that. Maybe we should just return to our ways during WWII and put all the Muslims in internment camps.

And here's the kicker: the Clintons 4 McCain actually try to "prove" that Barack Obama is a sociopath and has anti-social personality disorder.

His ability to mesmerize crowds with speech is akin to Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler, two men who used "group think" to carry out their schemes. He has a David Koresh-like effect on his flock, and a Jim Jones-like devotion from the Obamaphiles.

Are you kidding me? Comparing him to Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler because he's inspirational? You know, Martin Luther King also mesmerized crowds and had loyal followers... was he a cult leader or a crazed dictator? I don't understand their logic.

They go on to break down the disorder by symptom and giving instances where Obama showed these symptoms. Each piece of "evidence" is as flimsy as the next.

Impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead; In 2004 he said he wouldn't run for President due to his inexperience. Seemingly on impulse, he changed his mind? He didn't plan far enough ahead to "fix" the Rev. Wright problem before it became known, didn't plan ahead in the "softening" of his wife to avoid her horrendous public statements, didn't plan ahead on the flag pin wearing or the hand over the heart for the honor of our flag... and without a script or teleprompter to read from, stammers and fumbles for words.

Right. Now I'm convinced. I would say that based on this logic, anyone could be a sociopath. We all better watch out. Thank you, Clintons 4 McCain, for warning the world of the terrorist, cult leader, devout Muslim, and sociopath, Barack Obama.

What next?

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