Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End "discrimination" by keeping universities predominantly white!  

Anti-affirmative action measures are on the November ballots for Arizona, Colorado, and Nebraska. These measures are very deceptively called "civil rights initiatives," but would in fact ban affirmative action in these states.

Many people have been outraged by their choice of title, because they borrowed language from a very well-known movement that aimed to equalize whites and all minorities. Though opponents of affirmative action might see such programs as "discrimination," most people would not associate the words "civil rights" with ending affirmative action. There was an uproar recently when several people came out and said they accidentally signed a petition to get an anti-affirmative action measure on the ballot when the petitioner simply asked them, "Would you like to sign this petition to help end discrimination?" I don't think this deceptive language was a mistake, but rather a tasteless ploy to gain more supporters in a dishonest way. Even their websites are misleading because they are plastered with false images of "everything's okay!" by showing black and white children playing together. Sorry, but I'm not buying it... I highly doubt this is what Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind.

So now these measures are on the ballots, when perhaps people who signed to support it did not even realize what they were supporting. Avid supporters of anti-affirmative action measures include African-American "equal rights" advocate Ward Connelly, and John McCain recently announced that he supports ending affirmative action as well.

Ugh. God forbid we try to correct all the racism and oppression that litters United States history by finally giving minorities a fair chance to succeed in education and business.

What next?

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