Saturday, May 31, 2008

Women progress in Scotland  

History has been made in Scotland!

On Thursday, for the first time ever, the bench in the Court of Session in Edinburgh consisted entirely of female judges. Three female judges have never sat on a bench together before, and thus the case drew a lot of attention from people who welcomed this historic moment. However, many realize that though this is a huge step, there is still major progress to be made. From a news article about the event:
Last night, legal bodies said the presence of Ladies Paton, Smith and Dorrian on the appeal court bench should not obscure the fact that Scotland's legal establishment is monopolised by men.

Scotland has 34 judges, with one place vacant. Of that number, only four are women, Lady Clark having joined Ladies Paton, Smith and Dorrian in 2006. The first appointment of a female judge, Lady Cosgrove, only came in 1996.

All in good time, I suppose.

What next?

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