Saturday, May 31, 2008

How about we just don't talk about it?  

Anti-choicers are putting pressure on George Bush to change Title X so that doctors can not even discuss abortion as an option with pregnant patients.

A gag rule? Fantastic.

In a letter to Bush, one group, the Family Research Council, wrote that "Title X funds continue to be used by abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood to promote abortion."

I really wish that this ignorant stereotype that pro-choicers "promote" abortion would be abolished, because I am so sick of hearing it. I doubt that there is one doctor or Planned Parenthood employee who actively tells women, "You should get an abortion." That may be promoting abortion... but they don't do that. Instead, they say, "You can get an abortion." That, my friends, is promoting choice.

I just wish that these morons would leave the law out of my fucking uterus.

What next?

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