Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trashing the wedding dress  

What do most people envision when they hear the word "wedding"? Probably a beautiful, well-groomed, made-up bride, sporting an elaborate, expensive, and delicate white wedding dress. Well, for some brides, it's more fun to challenge this perfect wedding vision than to accept it. A new trend has emerged that has brides across the country choosing to trash their dresses after the wedding, rather than wrapping them in plastic and sticking them in their closets. "Trashing the dress" involves a woman hiring a photographer to take pictures of her after the wedding, donning her white dress and posing on the ground, in water, covered in mud, laying in sand, and any other dirty places.

It's a fun and liberating way to unwind after the stress of planning a wedding, while challenging rigid social norms surrounding marriage and weddings. I actually never heard of this trend until I saw this article on today. A giant smile spread across my face when I Google'd images of newlyweds trashing dresses. They all look like they're having a BLAST, and the photos are undoubtedly much more interesting than your traditional "smile because I have to" photos that are taken during the wedding. This is something that I definitely want to partake in.

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