Monday, April 21, 2008

Playtex says curvy women are sexy! Oh wait...  

Dammit, Playtex! You were so close to earning my full respect for putting curvy females in your bra commercials, but why, WHY did you have to ruin it with stupidity?

Okay, first let's talk about the fact that the curviest woman in the commercial is the one to bring up "muffin tops." And THEN let's discuss the fantastic ending: "Gravity is no longer my enemy... but brownies are."

OF COURSE brownies are the enemy of the one plus-sized woman in the commercial! It's not enough to just put curvy women in your commercials, but you have to take the extra step to promote the belief that curvy is sexy. If the curvy woman is afraid of brownies, obviously being curvy is not something she aspires to be. Ergo, curvy is undesirable. Oh, Playtex, you were so close...

What next?

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