Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New role model for children: Super Mom!  


So, I was surfing Shine in hopes that I would find something interesting to read, and lo and behold! I found an article about a new kind of action figure: Super Mom. I kid you not. The action figure designed to show children the hardships of being a working mother. Accessories include:

  • Two different heads to put on your doll: a calm head, and a "frazzled" head.

  • A baby, that can switch between being a "little angel" and a "mini monster."

  • A "mommy bag" to hold work and other important mommy accessories.

  • A cell phone to call school and the office.

  • A super long to-do list.

  • A bag of groceries.

  • Work shoes and casual shoes.
The dolls even come in different races: Caucasian, African-American, and Asian.

Unfortunately, the doll doesn't talk, but if it did talk, I think some of the phrases might include:

"Today at work, I hit the glass ceiling!"

"Honey, I wish I could buy you that new toy, but your daddy didn't pay child support this month."

Notice how the doll doesn't come with a loving partner. In the words of Shine's Lylah Alphonse: "maybe those dolls are sold separately."

The verdict: well, it's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than Bratz Dolls, or Ty Girlz. At least Super Mom does more than shopping and accessorizing. It's just a little upsetting because one has to wonder where Super Dad is, and why he doesn't come with a "frazzled" head. Maybe because even though more women are in the working world, they are still expected to the majority of the house work and child care? Just a guess.

What next?

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