Friday, April 11, 2008

McCain wants the ladies  


Watch out, ladies, John McCain is trying to get your vote. Stats show that he's lagging far behind his Democratic rivals in the female vote, so he's stepping up his game. How? By being a guest on The View. Well, I guess that's one way to do it. Tensions were a tad high, but that's kind of expected when you surround a man who cast 113 anti-choice votes in the Senate with liberal women. Joy Behar took the liberty of bringing up her hatred for Bush, and challenged McCain to convince his audience that he's different from Dubya. His response:

"...I respect President Bush and we have a friendly relationship. There are issues that we've disagreed on, the conduct of the war for four years, spending, climate change. There's a list of issues that we have open and honest disagreements, keeping within the overall philosophy of less government is better government, lower taxes, strong national defense, etc., etc."

He didn't even touch women's rights. I'm sorry, Mr. McCain, but I highly doubt you're going to get as many female voters as you desire. If you want more women to vote for you, I would suggest you stop opposing our right to choose. Voting for the Federal Abortion Ban, denying access to low-income women who need abortions, opposing an act that would establish penalties for those who use violence against clinic employees, and supporting spending 75 million dollars on abstinence-only education isn't going to get you very many points with the ladies. Making nice with the women of The View doesn't change the fact that for years, you have actively opposed giving a woman control over her body.

A big "fuck you" to John McCain. You don't get my vote.

What next?

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