Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rape awareness ads that DON'T blame the victim  


Many of us know that victim-blaming in the case of rape and sexual assault is entirely too common. Of course, there are plenty of others who don't know or just don't care, and that's how we get anti-rape ads like this that are counterproductive because they reinforce the ever-popular myth that if a woman is drinking or wearing provocative clothing, she's just asking to be raped.

That's why it's refreshing to see some anti-rape ads that actually - GASP! - put the blame on the rapist. I don't know where they get these crazy concepts.

I'm referring to the new set of ads produced by Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVED), a Canada-based anti-sexual assault organization. Here are a few of the PSAs:

What I like about these ads is that it puts the responsibility of preventing women being raped entirely on the potential rapists. Rather than saying, "You women who get drunk better watch out because you're gonna get raped!" they're saying, "Listen, women get too drunk sometimes. It happens. But that doesn't mean it's an invitation for you to take advantage of her."

They simplify the concept so that it's easy to understand and there are no gray areas: if a person cannot consent, don't touch them... because that's what rape is.

I also like that they show two men in one of their ads since rape can come in all forms.

SAVED invites you to use their posters in your own community. The wider we spread these concepts, the better.

What next?

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