Saturday, September 20, 2008

Take that, pervert!  

Cell phone cameras are a wonderful invention. Especially when they help to land a scumbag harasser into police custody. While walking up the stairs at the Dyckman Street station, a 28 year-old woman noticed a man following her and taking pictures up her skirt with his cell phone. Suddenly, she decided "since he is taking pictures of me, I am going to take pictures of him." She followed the jerk onto a train, where she held up her cell phone camera, and told him: "smile, because I am going to the police."

She sent the picture to the police, and on Tuesday, an officer recognized the degenerate, 36 year-old Aaron Olivieri, and arrested him. He was charged with unlawful surveillance and attempted sexual abuse and harassment. Oh, sweet justice.

So ladies, have those camera phones ready. We can learn a lot from the wonderful Holla Back NYC blog, because not only is snapping a picture of a disgusting pig gratifying, but it can also lead to one less harasser on the street.

What next?

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