Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sorority girls  

By: Anonymous - from the series of guests posts by Dr. Baldwin's students at Michigan State University.

“Sorority girls are sluts.”, “Sorority girls are dumb.”, “Sorority girls party all the time.”, “Sorority girls are….” And I could go on and on with all the incorrect stereotypes that people have of sorority girls. It is not fair that the actions of one person or one sorority affects how others think of ALL sororities and people involved. We had spring recruitment for my sorority tonight and one girl came in and said her roommate was angry with her for coming because of those stereotypes above and she did not want her friend to turn into a “typical” sorority girl. Well roommate. You are wrong. Not all sorority girls are like that, not even close. Sorority girls are sluts? Many of the girls in my sorority have boyfriends that they have had for a long time. Sorority girls are dumb? Well, my sorority has the highest GPA in Greek Life on campus. Sorority girls party all the time? What about last Saturday night when a bunch of us watched A Walk To Remember in my room?

My sorority is not filled with carbon-copy girls, we are completely different. That is why I fell in love with this great group of girls. I was able to hold interesting conversations with them, about topics I was actually excited to be talking about. I do not know about other sororities, but I am sure that none of the sororities on my campus fit the stereotypes.

Just because groups or organizations have stereotypes/reputations does not mean they are true. The same goes for reputations. Most of the time, stereotypes and reputations are formed by the impression the group made on the community many years ago, not by the current members of the group/organization. Before you knock something down, make sure you give it a fair shot. This rule should go for everything in life, including meeting other people. Do not just base a relationship off of what has previously been said about the person. Give them a fair chance. Give everything in life a fair shot and you might just fall in love with something, or someone, unexpectedly.

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