Sunday, February 1, 2009

Buffet of the Week  

  • A kindergarten boy was recently reprimanded by his school for wearing his hair in long braids. Um, the boy was Native American, and wanted to wear his hair according to his heritage and beliefs. Needless to say, the court ruled in his favor.

  • Sarah Palin. Book deal. It hurts.

  • AlterNet has an interesting and disturbing article about Evangelical women supporting patriarchy.

  • Rush Limbaugh, in his infinite wisdom, made a comment about how he hopes Obama fails. Even fellow Republicans thought he was out of line.

  • Iceland elected the world's first openly gay Prime Minister!

  • The RNC chair candidate is still refusing to apologize for infamously sending around the "Barack the Magic Negro" song.

  • Anti-choice advocates in Wyoming are attempting to push a law that would extend the definition of homicide victims to also include "unborn children."

  • Jeanne Flavin of AlterNet wrote an article on "fetal rights," which put the life of the fetus above the life of the woman.

  • Most of you probably heard about the female college student who tried to sell her virginity online. Here's her side of the story.

  • Washington is moving towards giving domestic partners several more benefits.

  • A bill in South Carolina will, if passed, require a 24-hour waiting period in order to obtain an abortion. Let's hope it gets struck down.

  • A study found that many girls are feeling more confident after the 2008 election.

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3 comments: to “ Buffet of the Week

  • February 1, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

    I read your post once in a while and particularly liked this week's. I guess because I'm a teacher, the first little story about the boy with braids kinda of hit home. Some of the ironies about life we deal with everyday in the teaching world.

  • February 2, 2009 at 11:08 AM  

    That AlterNet article about the patriarchy movement is really disturbing. Submission to men is like Christ's submission to God? So women are lesser, sinners, and men by comparison all-powerful, all-knowing?

    And feminism is women's selfish worship of self? Asking for personal rights are against God? The best thing for women is to gratefully follow hard-and-fast, non-debatable rules supposedly from God? You think we on earth really know what God wants?

    Blind, and too weak to make their own decisions.

  • February 16, 2009 at 7:25 PM  

    The fetal rights thing? Not a surprise. I was feeling that way a bit now that I am pregnant. Hearing one person tell you how much you should eat, when you should sleep, and when you should stay off your feet is bad enough. Hearing it from everyone starts to get insulting. But more importantly, if my child was ever in need once it was born? Probably wouldn't be able to find anyone to help. And no one was so willing to give me advice before I had a fetus in my belly. I started to feel like, unfortunately, the fetus is what matters and I'm only the vehicle.