Thursday, January 8, 2009

Current anti-choice agendas in Utah & South Carolina  


Anti-choice legislators are planning to wait to propose a statewide total ban on abortion until they can raise the funds necessary to pay for a legal defense. Three Republican state representatives are going to introduce a bill that would create a special fund to raise money for their anticipated proposal of a ban.

South Carolina:

Seven anti-choice state representatives are pushing for stricter regulations on abortion. Currently, the state law requires that women have an ultrasound and wait one hour after discussing the details of the procedure before obtaining one.

The bill that the reps introduced will extend the waiting period from one hour to 24 hours (completely ignoring the fact that the later an abortion is performed, the more dangerous it is to the woman's health), and would require doctors to provide women with a list of places that perform free ultrasounds. This is a sneaky anti-choice move. Their exact thought process is: "Once the babykiller sees her child on an ultrasound, she can't possibly want to murder it then!"

If I were a skilled cartoonist, I would draw a political cartoon showing a giant rocky mountain labeled "a woman's reproductive rights," and at the bottom would be people labeled "anti-choice activists" wearing hardhats and chipping away at the rocks with hammers.

What next?

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