Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The latest in sexist commercials  

Check out the latest display of sexism straight from Dunkin' Donuts. As much as I love their coffee, I'm really close to girlcotting them completely - as if their amazing display of ignorance when they pulled the Rachael Ray commercial because her scarf resembled a traditional Arab headdress (so what?) wasn't enough.

Notice how the men in this commercial are fixing cars, using a leafblower, and doing construction work, while the women are working in a bridal shop and standing in front of a camera. Cute.

And here's a lovely new gem of an advertisement from Extra chewing gum that paints women out to be neurotic and body-conscious. I also love how they try to convince us that a stick of Extra is an acceptable substitute for a snack. I say EAT THE DAMN COOKIE!

As if diet commercials aren't bad enough for convincing us that we're disgusting fat pigs, Nutrisystem decided to throw in a little sexism for good measure. Watch Jillian Barberie tell us, "I know I'm not your average gal... I love sports. Football! How many girls can do that?!" Thank you, Jillian, for perpetuating the stereotypes we've been fighting for decades.

What next?

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1 comments: to “ The latest in sexist commercials

  • January 7, 2009 at 11:33 PM  

    That's hysterical, and sad. I remember a Burger King commercial a few years ago that said something about salads were for women and men wanted a manly huge hamburger. Please....