Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dead is the new sexy  

The ladies of Feministing posted quite the disturbing pictures of the new advertisements for the country-western inspired clothing line, Wrangler. Their new tagline is "We Are Animals" and their ads feature extremely tasteful images of violence against women. Women lying motionless on the ground, or standing alone on a dark highway... all placed, of course, in a disturbing The Hills Have Eyes-esque setting. I can't even begin to fathom what in the hell the marketing team for Wrangler was thinking when they decided to put together these disgusting, appalling, nauseating advertisements. Words escape me.

Really classy, Wrangler. Nothing makes me want to buy your clothes more than pictures of women lying face down in a lake. Oh, and thanks for making the women shirtless... we really don't associate sexuality with violence enough.

And really... the picture of the woman standing in the middle of the road, looking as if she's about to get hit by a car or abducted by a predator is just lovely.

They also have this extremely disturbing commercial, which looks like a preview for the newest horror movie entitled Let's Get Women Half-Naked and Murder Them in the Middle of the Woods.

A hearty FUCK YOU to the Wrangler marketing team.

What next?

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