Thursday, April 10, 2008

When is a fashion ad NOT a fashion ad?  

When I saw that the New York Times had an article today called "When Is a Fashion Ad Not a Fashion Ad?" I got momentarily excited. The feminist part of me started jumping up and down, thinking that a major newspaper was finally writing an article on the sexist advertising and the grotesque nature of fashion ads to feature people that are, ironically, without clothing. Unfortunately, such is not the case. Even though at the top of the article was a particularly cringe-worthy advertisement...

...the article was instead about the deeper meaning behind fashion ads and how they can "tell a story." Not what I was hoping for. So, when is a fashion ad really not a fashion ad? In my opinion:

I'd say when the focus of the advertisement is anything but the clothes. Get it right next time, New York Times.

What next?

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