Sunday, April 13, 2008

Serial sex offender arrested for the 53rd time  

On Wednesday, Freddie Johnson, a serial sex offender, stepped onto a crowded subway train and pervertedly rubbed himself up against a woman. An NYPD transit team caught him in the act, resulting in Johnson's fifty-third arrest. Of his 53 arrests, 30 of them were for sexual abuse. 53 strikes and you're out? Wow, I'm ecstatic that women are so wonderfully protected from perverts.
Johnson was already on lifetime parole when he molested the woman on the subway. The state attorney general's office had tried to convince the Manhattan Supreme Court that Johnson was too dangerous to be put back on the streets, but the judge disagreed and instead placed him on lifetime parole. That seemed to work out well. For God's sake, this man is sick in the head. He needs to be put away where he can't do this to women anymore, while receiving therapy and treatment to try and salvage any humanity he might have left inside him. Luckily, this arrest will get him locked up, but someone tell me why the fuck it took 53 arrests for anyone to do anything. I believe in giving people chances to redeem themselves, but 53 of them? Come ON.

What next?

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